We are a travel agency that provides travel for the most demanding clientele in the world. Prices for our packages start at €500,000.

Luxury Travel Agency

Platinium package

Platinium package is very specific. Tel us everything you want to experience. Luxury vila, submarine, disembargation in Normandy, 2600 ft. under water trip in glass submarine etc...

Special VIP - adventure

Do you want to be a secret agent? Do you want to fly in a fighter jet? Drive Aston Martin? None of this is a problem! Just tell us your idea.

Travel around the world

Travel around the world by all means of transport you want. Visit the most amazing places, get to know othe cultures, and enjoy luxury of best accommodations on the world.

Turnkey vacation

Simply check whatever you are intereset in, write a commnet to be more specific if you want and send it us. We will arrange everything for your perfect experience.


We offers exclusive locations for your wedding in the world. Custom Stylish wedding design is our specialty. Beach wedding, Yacht wedding.

Luxury Travel Inspiration

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