We provide absolute top level travel and experience.

With us, travel has become a very popular way for rich people to mark their status – and extend it far beyond the classic idea of vacation.

Everybody imagines a luxury holiday in their own way. Some dream of a safari, another of a five-star hotel on the beach, others alone in the middle of the woods. But all these ideas have several features in common. No delays and maximum use of free time.

And what does that actually mean? Private aircraft flights, helicopter transfers and, unless otherwise possible, a seaplane, restaurant tables booked before the start of the holiday. Let the Louvre venture out of business hours and bypass the queues. Take a private jet to Monaco, where a yacht awaits, where a chef prepares dinner for the whole family. These are just a few of the many ways a luxury holiday can look like. Nowhere in the queue, everything nicely drips off and all the time just luxury and comfort.

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Today, super wealthy people spend several million euros for several months, even weeks on their travels and vacations. And we are a company that provides all this on a turnkey basis!

We plan trips and vacations for individuals with high demands on luxury and holiday, the hottest places to choose This review is based on expert knowledge and customer inquiries.

Top 10 appartments

For ordinary travelers, the Presidential Suite may sound like the ultimate luxury. However, this is nothing strange for our clients.

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 Our customers spend their money on luxury travel today – actually investing it – rather in the experiences they can’t get anywhere else. Our company focuses exclusively on individual turnkey trips, for very demanding clientele. We provide absolute top level travel and experience.

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