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Do you want to be secret agent?

Our specialty … we are the only travel agency in the world that will arrange a vacation experience that is unparalleled! Adventure holiday.

How does it work?
Want more than just a normal holiday? you want to experience a holiday full of adventures. Just tell us what you want to do on your vacation or who wants to become? Our team, assemble everything exactly as you wish, we plan your journey where you will experience action, adventure and luxury. You get the experience of luxury places, travel, wonderful company.

Everything works so that, based on all the information we get from you, we begin to create a script for your action journey. We’ll create a travel that will be interspered with the action you choose. In places in the world you want to see.

But you’ll also want to get the experience from the action. Action as secret agent is ideal, therefore, is taking place in every corner of the world.

But we can create other actions. We can make sure you fight in World War II. In the area of which it is intended for this purpose. There will be German and American tanks, vehicles, soldiers, lots of shootings and action. All of course safe. And we can guarantee you, you will be the hero of this battle.

Do you want to spend a holiday like a pirat from the Caribbean with your family or friends? No problem, we will make you a journey through the mysterious islands where you will seek your treasure of black pearl. You’ll have a map and clues.

Search for your treasure from the map you found.

You will walk in the cave, dive, and you will surely find what you are looking for! When your ship arrives at the island, you will have to be very careful not to be seen by the natives, you will have to discreetly walk around them.

You can use horses that are definitely on the coast, and else for your trip, there will always be some means.

You can use horses as a means of transport, that you will find somewhere on the beach
It will always be important for you to have a map that will guide you to your treasure. You get experiences like a pirate full of adventures and you will never forget it.

Find your right island where the treasure is

You can strengthen yourself with food from the natives directly from the fire, or eat luxuriously on your boat.

You will see the most mysterious places and islands of the world, you will. You do not know the difference between reality and fiction.

Maybe your treasure is hidden in a cave.

You can combine your adventurous journey. One week you will be secret agent on his mission and the other week a pirate, the third week relax on a private island in a company of your choice. It is enough to write us your requirements and ideas. We assemble everything according to your wishes and ideas.

We will arrange everything and you will get an experience and experience like a super secret agent. Wherever in the world you will have your actions of your choice. You drive aston matrtin, you watch the agents, you perform your chosen tasks, you have a bond girl of your choice. Private jet, yacht, luxury hotels. You will never know the difference between reality and your actions.

Maybe you want more actions in one package. This is not a problem. You want one day to fly in a fighter jet, the next day to become a secret agent and another day, relax on a private yacht with a nice company? Good. We will create such a program.

We have a professional team of people to make sure everything looks as realistic as possible. You will never take any risk! But you will be drawn into your action. You can choose what you want to experience and what you don’t. You can use any means of transport as you wish. Discover the other side of the world and make your dream come true. You can fly to Rome, accomplish your task, and see India in the Orient Express.

You will always be under our supervision and you will never be alone.Want to experience another action? Tell us what? We will make a suggestion according to your wishes and requirements.

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