Travel around the world

We provide absolute top level travel and experience.

Do you remeber Willy Fog? But with us your way around the world will be absolutely top level experience. Luxury yachts, trains, cars, jets and of course accommodations.

We can manage for you everything to make your trip as fine as possible. You will be every moment in touch with our agent who will manage whatever you you want.

We have prepared the journey for all those who want to travel, want to know the world and dare not to go alone, whether it is the language barrier or the fear of the unknown.  You will have a chance to look into the lives of many peoples, starting with dinner from authentic Thai cuisine, breakfast in one of the Moha cafés in Sydney, a picnic in New Zealand, coffee on Bora Bora, lunch at the Las Vegas Entertainment Centre, afternoon rest on Easter Island and You will complete dinner and a good glass of wine for the sounds of Samba in Rio de Janeiro.

To travel around the world, we will offer you.
Personal delegate, assistant, Butler, driver, animator, chef, bodyguard, Other you choose . We combine your journey, airplane, yacht and also very luxuriously Orinet Express.

Below, click on what you would have to do on your journey.

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